How does Car2Go work?

How does Car2Go work?

You may have seen them… those little blue and white Smart cars whizzing around the city. Those are Car2Go cars and they are for everyone to share!

We’re busy Realtors in Toronto and driving the city can make one want to tear hair out. We began looking at easier options to get around the city, that wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg such as taxis or Uber. Enter our friend Jayson. One night, while eating hamburgers on a rooftop, Jayson starting telling us about his amazing experiences with Car2Go. Both Jon and I listened to him intently with eureka looks on our face. I believe we may have even had cartoon light bulbs show up over our head. 

Fast forward 2 days and a little bit of research later, we’re now members of Car2Go. Within 2 days of using Car2Go, we were hooked.

The pros:

  • Gas is included +parking in legal street spots or green P’s are included insurance is $1 per use until 90 uses, then it’s $0 (we’re at $0 already!)
  • Convenient, they are everywhere +easy to use app +great customer service +Smart cars AND Mercedes CLA and GLAs

The cons:

  • Some people leave the cars in disastrous states (c’mon people, we’re sharing!)
  • Unavailability (cars showing up on the map that aren’t there, or no cars at all… it’s only happened a couple of times.)

Watch our video review and wait for the J&C Carpool Karaoke at the very end. We’re not very good.

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