Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County

Introducing Prince Edward County, or “The County” as most folks living there would refer to it. It’s a quick little day trip from Toronto and is as picturesque as a Norman Rockwell painting.

Why go to The County?

Do you like food? Of course you do! PEC has been called “the gastronomic Capital of Ontario”. There are so many restaurants and cafés to choose from. East and Main consistently comes up as one of the best places to eat in Wellington. Hipsters swear by the food at Drake Devonshire. And if you like wood fired pizza, most wineries now include this delicious offering on their menus. (Jon & Cheryl have always said that you shouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t like pizza.)

Do you like antiques? PEC is a wonderland of shops filled with “dead people’s stuff”. Our favourite was Dead People’s Stuff.

Do you like wine? Tyrion Lannister himself would approve of the plethora of wineries. From the larger Sandbanks Winery and Huff Estates, to the smaller Rosehall Run there are too many others to list here. (Just ask for a nice Dornish Red.)

Do you like Art? Sculpture? Pottery? PEC has allllll of that too.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video. Moving pictures don’t lie.

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