What to do in Toronto – August 2017

What to do in Toronto – August 2017

Now that we’re into the dog days of summer, you’re all hopefully relaxing and enjoying the warmth in the air. (I say hope, because as I type this it is raining. The motif of our 2017 summer so far.)

We’ve given you a lot to choose from in our To Do lists this summer, so we have decided to pare it down for August. Instead of a big full list of things to do, we’ve chosen to highlight our Top 5. 

1. CNE Let’s Go To The Ex! Oh baby! (Sing it ?)

August 18th thru September 4th.

August isn’t August without the Canadian National Exhibition. One of North America’s largest annual fairs signals the final weeks of summer for many. 18 days of amusement park rides, live entertainment, an Air Show, crazy food, shopping and more. 2 weekends of Wakeboard Championships too!
This year’s FREE Bandshell concerts include names such as Burton Cummings to Sam Roberts to Keifer Sutherland to A Tribe Called Red.
We haven’t heard what food choices will be on the menu this year… but you can read about what Jon ate LAST YEAR (everything) in our blog HERE

2. Rogers Cup

August 5th thru 13th  

It’s the ladie’s year in Toronto. Who will you see on the courts? Venus Williams, our Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and back fresh from scandal, Maria Sharapova. And the offerings surpass watching the tennis matches. The Aviva Centre is hosting a festival of sorts with restaurants, patios, shopping, booths, a silent auction, a kids area and more!
Opening Night is only $25 when you book thru the Rogers Cup website (see link above in orange) with Promo Code OPENDAY17

3. Sail in Cinema

August 17th thru 19th  

Year 2 for this unique way to watch movies. Similar to the “movies in the park” we’ve seen throughout Toronto, except this screen is floating out on the water! ⬇️

The schedule of movies:
August 17: Edward Scissorhands
August 18: Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark
August 19: Beauty & the Beast (live action, 2017)

4. Caribana Weekend

Caribana began in July and ends August 6th. 

It’s technically not called “Caribana” anymore, but it’s also not called the Skydome.
Drake’s 8th annual OVO Fest will once again tie into Caribana and ignite the party on the Budweiser Stage, August 7th. The Caribana highlight for many though is the Grand Parade on August 5th. Lakeshore comes to life with the masquerader’s dancing and striking costumes.

5. FOOD Festivals. Since we really like food, there are more than one worth mentioning here. 

Tastes of the Danforth

August 11th thru 13th

Greektown hosts the 23rd year of our personal favourite street festival.
Kebabs, baklava and gyros, mmmmm.

Waterfront Night Market

August 11th thru 13th

Last year’s Pan-Asian food festival was held in a large parking lot across the street from the T&T Supermarket on Cherry Street. This year they are taking it one step further by hosting at The Hearn. If you haven’t been to the Hearn before, bring your camera. And see you there!

Feast of the St. Lawrence

August 11th thru 13th 

Celebrate Old Town’s rich (and delicious) history. Every day of the weekend offers something a little different.
The first night is “Dinner Under the Stars”. An exclusive al fresco dining event for charity and tickets must be purchased a head of time. We’ve not attended this, but it is on our bucket list. Passing by last year had us licking our chops. The set up of a the long family style dinner table brought visions of a beautiful wedding dinner, in the middle of Front Street, complete with candlelight and jazz musicians playing!
Day 2: Market street (beside the St. Lawrence Market) hosts the day time fun.
Day 3: it’s all about family & food in St. James’ Park.

It’s almost midnight for summer. When the clock strikes 12, it turns into a pumpkin and we have to dust off our parkas again. Enjoy the last full month of summer in the city!

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